Has your family got that summer vibe? Long days in the sun, fun times in the water and the odd ‘ouchy’ sunburn that needs mother’s super-special touch to make it better… these are the moments that childhood is made of. Nothing feels better after a hard day of play in the very best African weather than the icy crunch of a cooling treat, but with your child’s health in mind what’s a concerned parent to do? Listen to Miami Canners of course!

We’re here today with a tasty snack that’s packed full with vitamins, nutrients, fruit and protein to help you bolster your little one to be their very best- while still bringing all the vibrancy and fun of a summer snack to the table. Shhhh…. They never need to know it’s healthy too!

Miami’s granadilla pop packs a punch

We’re confident this family fave will soon be an oft-requested part of your mommy (or daddy) secret stash, but don’t imagine we’re adding another chore to your already busy life. Despite their nutritional punch, these lollies couldn’t be simpler to make, and they won’t add much to your stretched January budget either.

All you’ll need is a 1-litre tub of Greek-style plain yoghurt, an ice-lolly tray, and a tin of our Granadilla pulp- a traditional South African favourite we’ll be surprised if you don’t already have tucked away in the pantry.

Super simple summer fun

All you need to do is crack the tin, and slowly whisk the granadilla pulp into the yoghurt a little at a time. When everything’s smooth and evenly creamy, pour into the moulds and toss in the freezer until set, which should take a few hours. Voila- you’re done!

When the kids eventually creep in looking for something tasty to tantalize their taste buds, you’ll have your new secret weapon ready to delight. What could be simpler, right? All you need is a parent’s love and Miami Canners to sweeten the deal.

grandilla lollies