Recycling is more than a buzzword… it’s a critical part of helping to leave the world a better  place. Yet the preachy overtones often attached to the idea may leave you feeling rather cold about the issue. Miami Canners believes strongly in a better, more sustainable future for everyone- and today we’re rethinking the idea of ‘recycling’ and showing you how it can be fun too!

Make a difference

Perhaps one of the very best ways to manage your recycling, especially for ubiquitous tin cans, is to keep it super simple for yourselves. Fortunately, tins are also one of the easiest forms of recycling you can practice, too. Simply toss them in a bucket or special bin as you use them, and run them through the dishwasher with the rest of your load in the evening. Make sure you take the tops off safely with a can opener, though, especially if you’re getting the whole family on board.

Once they’re cleaned up, look around the neighbourhood for a cause you care strongly about. Many charities receive a small monthly fee for allowing recycling centres to park bins on their property, and this is a fantastic way for you to give back to the community effortlessly. Just drop off a bag every month, and know you’ve made a difference in the world!

Get creative

One of the reasons tins are so loved in the packaging industry is that they’re so strong they’re near indestructible. Why not harness that power around your own home? They can also be easily painted and decorated to fit your style, and some quick work with an angle grinder will even allow you to make attractive cut-outs for extra flair. Here’s just a few nifty ideas you may enjoy

  • Planters: With just a few small holes in the bottom, tins make an earth-friendly, attractive option for starting seedlings or growing your garden
  • Drink Holders: A beer bottle or cool drink can will sit securely in a tin. Simply add a threaded rod and nut, and prevent spills, keep ants away and always know where your drinks are.
  • Candle Holders: Pillar candles also sit securely in a tin, and you’re guaranteed no ugly wax spills either!
  • Storage: Use some hot glue to arrange your tins in any number of fanciful shapes you can then decorate to your taste. Stationary, desktops, kitchen counters- it will all be sorted!
  • Wine racks: Yes, you read that correctly! You can make a nifty wine rack the same way.

When it comes to clever uses around the home, your imagination is truly the limit! Do the right thing for the earth, and incorporate tin recycling into your daily life- it’s easier than you think. Miami Canners looks forward to hearing about your clever recycling ideas.

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