Just because the festive season is behind us doesn’t mean South Africans aren’t looking for any excuse for a party! Whether it’s a super-special occasion, your loved one’s birthday, or just a fun summer evening spent with the family, Miami Canners are here with three special party snacks you can’t be without. Shh… no one needs to know you had our help!

Prickly pickled onion dip

What’s a party without a classic chip-and-dip platter, after all? This unique twist on a South African favourite is sure to get the occasion jamming. Add a jar of our famous pickled onions to your shopping list. You can opt for a classy twist with our balsamic-preserved onions, or keep it smooth with white or brown. If you’re in the mood to keep it simple you can also toss in your favourite pre-made spring onion dip, or get a little more adventurous with some plain yoghurt and a little mayo blended into a piquant base. Grab your grater, and add some pep with the grated onion. Three should be about right per 200 ml of dip. Stir well, and you’re ready to serve!

Creamy atchar cheese dip

We’re not done yet! We know you already have your favourite Miami atchar tucked away somewhere. Time to fish out the jar! Add a sizzling pep with our hot range, evoke a tantalizing sweet-and-sour theme with mild, or keep it fit for the family with our gentle garlic range. Add two tablespoons of atchar to a pot of cream cheese and blend into a soft, saucy dip that’s the perfect way to add pep to the party. Trying to watch your weight? Swap the cream cheese out for a smooth cottage cheese and snack without worries.

Sweet salsa surprise

We’re going to round out this ultimate party trinity with a super simple salsa that’s sure to become your new favourite. Simply toss a favourite tomato mix from the Miami range into your food processor. We highly recommend the tomato and peppadew for a uniquely South African flavour, but any of your favourites will lend their own charm to this easy, tasty combo. Add a tablespoon of sugar, and any herbs you fancy to tweak the taste to your unique personality. Now add three tablespoons from our jarred relish range to bring out the flavours and add a subtle, smokey twang, and blitz until smooth.

With this powerful trinity of delectable sides, all easily made with Miami Canners staples, you’re sure to be the life of the party. Don’t forget to send us an invitation!

pepperdew salsa