3 scintillating new ways to try flavoursome Chakalaka

Who doesn’t love Chakalaka? This flavoursome South African favourite is a spicy relish, redolent in veggies, onions, garlic and spices. A staple favourite of ‘township cuisine’, it’s part of what unites us as a nation. Many a friendship (and even a smart idea or two) has been birthed over a shared dish including a chakalaka side at braais and in shish nyama lounges across the country. It’s the perfect way to pack a punch- and Miami Canner’s chakalaka remains a sell-out favourite. You probably know it best as an accompaniment for pap, stew or rice- but here’s 3 other exciting ways to use chakalaka in your kitchen.

1.  Put it on a pizza (with tasty wors too)

Want to add a truly South African sparkle to your Friday-night pizza? Chakalaka should be your go-to condiment.

You can, of course, simply use some pre-cooked wors (sliced into rounds), ½ a can of Miami Chakalaka, and a handful of shredded mozzarella to pep up a lacklustre existing pizza. Simply pop in the oven until the cheese bubbles. It’s just as easy to make the entire family a healthful alternative to the regular fast-food stop, however. Use a wrap (per person) as your ‘pizza base’ and smear liberally with tomato paste or sweet tomato relish. Now fry some sweet red onions until glassy, and build yourself a flavoursome, healthful alternative to a traditional pizza. Lay out the wors rounds, pack with chakalaka-goodness, drizzle in shredded mozzarella and wild rocket, and season to taste. A few minutes in the oven is all it needs.

2.  Marinate your meat

As every South African knows, the secret’s in the marinade! Add a special pep to your next braai with chakalaka as your secret marinade ingredient. Shh, we won’t tell! It’s even a great way to add some depth to your roast chicken! Simply combine a few tablespoons of your favourite Miami chakalaka with a couple of soy sauce, some grated ginger, lemon zest, a little lemon juice, olive oil and some honey to sweeten the mix. Spice it up to suit your tastes, and a little melted butter if it’s for use in the oven. Your meat will be succulent and soft.

3.  Meatless Mondays just got better

Shakshuka is a traditional Moroccan dish that’s something like a veggie stew- and it tastes even better with chakalaka! Simply fry together some onions and garlic with tomato paste. Add a tin of chakalaka, and allow to simmer down and meld. Season to perfection, then make a few ‘wells’ in the mix and crack in 3 jumbo eggs. Allow the eggs to cook in their ‘well’. Pop the lid on if you like well-done eggs. Serve it straight to the table with thick, delicious crusty bread.

Chakalaka’s more than just an accompaniment for pap. Jazz up your meals and keep the family coming back for more with these delicious ways to use chakalaka from Miami Canners.

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