The perfect health combination!SWEET-AND-TANGY-CUCUMBERS

When you think of pickles, chances are you don’t picture them as a health food. You’re probably more focused on that crunchy, tangy flavour! We’re just starting to realise how very good for us fermented foods are, however, and the humble pickle remains king of the crop. We’re betting it’s your favourite Miami Canner’s product already, but here’s just a few of the reasons pickles (and pickle juice, too) should be part of a healthy, balanced diet as well as your go-to snack.

Drinking the juices your crisp and tender pickles came in may not sound all that appealing, but bear with us- the health benefits are numerous!

1.  Ease muscle cramps, boost your workout, and stay hydrated

Pickle juice has actually been a secret weapon for athletes of all walks of life for many years. Just 1/3 of a cup of pickle juice has been found to relieve painful cramping and other side-effects of dehydration. What’s even more fascinating, is that it does it better than the same volume of water! It’s believed the vinegar helps silence nerve signals responsible for cramp, as well as restore lost electrolyte balance to the body.

Instinct says the answer to dehydration should simply be ‘drink more water’, and that’s not entirely wrong. You should be hitting your (water) bottle after any normal workout, to replace fluids lost through sweat. Our needs are a little more complex when we’re undertaking heavy or prolonged exercise, however, as we lose other minerals as well- notably sodium and potassium. Both of these are found in abundance in pickle juice, and combined with the fluids, proves an effective dehydration remedy. Remember to always swing by the doctor too, however, if you suspect serious dehydration!

What’s even better if you’re on a diet, is it’s fat-free too. Skip the calorie-laden energy drinks, and opt for nature’s little miracle instead.

2.  Rich source of antioxidants, probiotics and other goodies- and cheap too

What could be cheaper than a spoon or two of pickle juices, especially as you probably already have some in your cupboard anyway! The real surprise is in just how rich this little piece of nature’s bounty is. Pickle juice is packed with vitamins A, C and E, three of the most important antioxidants. These protect your cells from damaging molecules called free radicals. Found in pollution and even some foods, these free radicals damage cells, speed up the ageing process, and can cause numerous health issues too. Vitamin A, C and E not only protects against them, but can boost the immune system too.

The vinegar in pickle juice boosts gut health too. Fermented foods help deliver probiotics to the digestive system, helping fight bloat, keep your regular, and make sure you’re in fighting condition.

3.  Balance blood sugar and aid weight loss

Well-regulated blood sugar is key to a healthy body. With Type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes on the rise, more and more of us suffer from poorly regulated blood sugar that stalls weightless in its tracks, and can lead to the development of severe health issues. A small serving of vinegar before a meal, such as in pickle juice, can help regulate blood sugar.

This, in turn, helps regulate the metabolism and boost your weight loss efforts, too!

It seems like there’s nothing pickles (and pickle juice) can’t do, doesn’t it? These cheap, low-calorie snacks are nature’s little helpers, promoting a healthy gut, easing cramps and dehydration, and keeping your metabolism and health ticking along. We’re betting Miami Canner’s dill pickles are already in your pantry, so why not incorporate a healthy little snack into your daily life, and watch your health soar?

Fresh homemade pickled cucumbers in clay pot