2 Miami favourites that should be on the menu tonight

Winter still has us in its icy grip, but we’re already seeing signs of spring in the air! With a hopeful turn to the season ahead, but a few more long nights to suffer through in the meantime, what can you do to ensure your family are receiving only the best health and nutrition? Here’s Miami Canner’s top tips on winter warmers that deliver taste, health and a warm glow of love.

Spice up your life with a little Chakalaka

Technically a vegetable relish, Chakalaka is a South African favourite through-and-through. It’s believed to have been invented by ingenious miners and township dwellers during the gold mining rush in Jozi. Bland, tasteless food is the last thing you want after a hard day in a rigorous job, so miners would pool their resources and cook up something a little special to remind them of home. Heavily influenced by Portuguese and Mozambican flavours, there’s as many different variants of chakalaka as there are hungry people in the world. It’s a matter of pride and family tradition to keep the recipe special, and Miami’s Chakalaka is no different! Made with extra-special love and care, there’s nothing better to keep your winter warm and your coming spring full of fun.

How can I best use my Miami Chakalaka?

With this versatile favourite, the sky is the literal limit. Chakalaka was made to add depth and dimension to pap, but it goes equally as well with samp, stews, curries, bread or even in a Bunny Chow. There’s no way to go wrong with Chakalaka, so add a spoon or two to any dish that needs livening up, especially if there’s a starchy accompaniment or red meat in the dish.

Stay warm and toasty with a range of tomato favourites

Tomato and Onion. It’s a family staple of so many cuisines. This taste (and nutrition) powerhouse is so delicious, and so versatile, that there’s almost nothing you can’t do with it. They’re so ingrained in so many world cultures you’ll probably be surprised to find out Europe only received the tomato from South America in the 1500s. Yet try and imagine a pasta, lasagne or hearty beef stew without it!

The onion, on the other hand, is a nice historical enigma. Speculation is that it may have come from central Asia or the Middle East, but no one knows for certain. However, we do know how great they taste! Onions are found throughout almost every cuisine, and in forms as varied as pickled, cooked and raw.

With the rich, slightly acidic depth of the tomato adding a hearty boost of flavour to every mouthful, and the pungent


twang of the onion to boost your dishes even more, there’s little wonder this classic pair are a Miami sellout! That’s why we created a full range of tomato and onion bestsellers, each with something a little different added. From fragrant curry spices to delicious basil, there’s something to complement any dish

What can I use my Miami Tomato and Onion for?

What can’t you use it for! There’s almost no dish that can’t be enhanced with a subtle background of tomato and onion to add depth. Pop a tin in your hearty beef soup and stew dishes to keep the winter blues at bay. Use it as a perfect base to any pasta sauce. Add richness to your currie, especially when paired with lentils or lamb. And you absolutely need this on hand for your Mexican dishes and salsas. But whatever you do, make sure you keep a stock of your favourites on hand!

With Miami’s Chakalaka and Miami’s Tomato and Onion tin range in your cooking arsenal, the winter blues will be a thing of the past- and a spring fling with the tastiest food out is just around the corner!