One of South Africa’s most enjoyable public holidays is just around the corner! Are you ready for it? With spring in the air, a day free from work on the cards and your family around you, what more could you want? Here’s Miami Canner’s top tips for celebrating Heritage Day in style with those you love

Heritage Day, celebrated on 24th September every year, was once known as ‘Shaka Day’, celebrating the (assumed) date of the great Zulu leader’s death. It’s now celebrated as ‘Heritage Day’, the opportunity for South Africans from all walks of life to relax, kick back with friends, and celebrate the many diverse cultures and heritages that make up our Rainbow Nation.

It’s hardly surprising, with that lofty goal in mind, that ‘Heritage Day’ has also become known informally as ‘braai day’. What would a South African gathering of friends be without a crisp, cool beer and a braai, after all? With that in mind, here’s Miami’s checklist of essentials for the perfect Heritage Day braai.

1.  Friends

C’mon, this one is obvious! The more the merrier, so round up your friend’s list, hop on WhatsApp, and be the first in your friends’ group to offer to host.

2. The perfect spot

We’ve had a long, cold winter- but spring is in the air! By the 24th of September we should get lucky, and have passed winter’s last ‘cold snap’, so you’re safe to head outdoors for your entertainment. Give the braai a hose down and dust off the chairs- party time is at hand.

3. The meat

It wouldn’t be a braai without the right cut of meat. Given the Zulu nation’s proud history with their cattle, you may want to opt for some delicious beef to celebrate the roots of this public holiday, but frankly…anything goes. If you’ve got non-meat lovers in your group, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out, either. Fish, veggies, mushrooms, braaibroodtjies and so much more taste just as delectable from the braai- especially with some Miami helpers in your arsenal for added love and taste!

4. The ‘dop’

A braai in the crisp spring air lends itself to an equally crisp beer. But really, it’s up to you and your buddies what’s on the drink’s menu. Just be sure to tell them to bring enough! Don’t forget to include a few softer drinks for those driving home tonight, and pack it in plenty of ice.

5. Miami

What would a 100% South African Braai Day be without your Miami secrets? Our famous Braai Relish offers you a piquant blend of tomato, onion, herbs and spices. It’s perfect to drizzle over your braai pap and round out your meal.


Looking for something a little extra-special? Then amp up the vibe with our unique Boerie relish too- it’s a Miami special you’ll find nowhere else. Specially designed to complement the taste of a perfectly braaied wors, it has a naturally sweet flavour with a subtle vinegar tang. Even better news? It comes in a host of flavours, too, and you’re sure to have a favourite picked out already. From a boerie roll to the perfect hamburger, our Braai relish brings that extra-special something. Be sure to stock up in advance, as these are likely to fly off the shelves for Braai day.

But why stop there? Our versatile tomato range is perfect for a quick-and-easy dip or salsa. Our tomato relishes make a great marinade base, and taste fantastic in a braaibroodtjie too. Throw in a little chakalaka or atchar for a truly South African taste, too. And don’t forget the most important thing- your braai pudding! Our handy crushed granadilla pulp layers perfectly in a fridge tart or a hot pudding alike.

It doesn’t matter what tastes you like to celebrate with on Heritage Day- Miami Canners has a secret helper for you. So, with the burden of preparation off your shoulders, a day off work at hand, and spring in the air, it’s time to kick back, relax and enjoy the diversity that makes South Africa so special.