September 24th may officially be known as Heritage Day here in SA, but almost everyone really knows it as Braai Day. What would any truly South African celebration be without a braai with friends, after all? It’s time to celebrate the first real braai of the year in style with the help of Miami Canners and your new secret braai super-weapon… our fantastic Boerie and Braai relish ranges!

The key to a truly South African braai isn’t just in searing some meat outdoors, of course … otherwise, it’s just a boring old barbeque! The art of the braai lies in good friends, fun company, cold drinks, and the perfect blend of spices, marinades and relishes to make your meat and other dishes uniquely your own.

Making Miami’s Braai and Boerie Relishes your perfect braai partners

With the versatile range of flavours open to you in our 2 unique braai-ready relish ranges, you’re already well on the way to discovering your unique ‘secret twist’ that makes your braai meat the very best. Don’t worry…we won’t tell if you don’t!

Many of our firm fans (that’s you) already have their secret weapons up their sleeve. Maybe you add a dollop or two of our piquant sweet tomato and chilli relish for a little kick. Perhaps you use mama’s special spice blend to add extra depth to our base relish. Or maybe there’s an elaborate marinade recipe being passed lovingly down the family with your Miami favourite at its heart. It doesn’t matter… what matters is that you (and your guests) can taste that love and pride in the meal.

But if it’s true love you’re looking for, it’s time to crack out the Miami heavyweights! With not one, but two different (equally delicious) braai-perfect ranges to choose from, your guests will feel the love in every bite

Take the crown as the neighbourhood braai-king

What’s a braai without a steaming dish of pap cooked just like mama used to make it? Whether you like it soft or styf, a braai just wouldn’t be complete without it. But the real secret, as they say, is in the sauce…. And Miami has you covered. With our special Braai relish range, you’ve got the perfect base for any sauce (or stew). Pressed for time? Simply pour and heat- this stand-out braai mix is perfect just as it is. Or get creative and add your own touch with veggies, peppers, chillies, spices, herbs and more- this saucy relish is easy to dress up or down for any palette and preference.

Create the perfect boerie roll

Still not sure how to wow everyone’s taste buds? Try this super-simple take on a braai classic for yourself. What’s even better is that it can be served hot or cold, so you can make-ahead and enjoy the holiday free of cooking, too.
Simply add a can of your favourite Miami Boerie Relish, a spoon of sugar, a little chopped parsley and some fresh chilli (to taste) to a pan. Heat through gently and allow the flavours to mix. Be sure to taste and adjust seasoning as you go! A night resting in the fridge will completely marry the flavours together, creating a seamless blend of delicious, upscale braai flavour. Simply sizzle up some boerewors, slap some butter in a crispy roll, and ladle on your gourmet braai relish. Can you say delicious?

Miami, Braai Day and you- it’s the perfect partnership. Why not let our succulent Boerie Relish and Braai Relish ranges tickle your taste buds with their South African style this braai day?