Christmas may be about family fun and time spent tenderly cooking a feast, but New Year’s Eve is a different beast. It’s time for celebration. It’s time for partying. It’s time to get food on the table chop-chop and yourself back on the dancefloor- because no one has time to miss out! Get your New Year’s Eve snack platters handled in minutes, and leave yourself free to party all night long. Your favourite Miami treats have you covered.

Dips, salsa’s and deliciousness

In the interests of a quick cleanup on New Years Day, there’s nothing better than snack platters to keep spirits from flagging but save you time in the kitchen. While you could just grab a pre-made dip, you probably don’t realise it’s just as easy to make a delicious, fresh and uniquely YOU dish in minutes with the right Miami helpers.

An ooey-gooey, rich tomato relish couldn’t be simpler. Grab a jar of your favourite Miami Boerie Relish, add a little salt, pepper and spices to suit your guest’s taste, pop it in a pretty bowl and you’re done! This makes a delightful addition to any cut-meat or cold-cut meat platter, and won’t take you but a moment to assemble.

Keen for something a little spicier? Transform it into a salsa! Grab a tin of our Chopped Peeled Tomatoes, chop in some finely-sliced spring onions, a little lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste and some freshly chopped coriander, and throw it on ice for a crisp chill. Mexican perfection in minutes! Pair it up with some nacho chips, a little cream cheese and maybe a mashed avocado if you feel like it.

No South African feast would be complete without atchar, either. Simply throw it in a bowl and let your guests pair it up as they choose- tasty bread rolls, dipping sauce, you name it, we’ve tried it. And we’ve loved every bite!

Sweet and crunchy- but not crunched for time!

Pickles are your perfect party platter pals- and they’ll be done chop-chop too. Literally

chop-chop. Grab a selection of Miami Pickles, dice them up, and you’re halfway there. Totally honestly? You don’t even really need to chop them yourself if you’re pressed for time, with our pre-diced range packed with flavours like our diced gherkins with onions and cherry peppers! Dice up some cheddar and ham, toss in some sweet, piquante peppers (or chillis for the brave), and spear them up on some sexy cocktail sticks- can you say tasty? Pickles and larger pickled onions can also easily be added to a buffet table as-is, as guests love to nibble on their tangy, crunchy goodness.

Catering New Year’s Eve couldn’t be simpler with Miami on your side. Get the feast done chop-chop, and make yourself an evening to remember…. your tummies will be delighted, and you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll be done in minutes.