The festive season is almost upon us. With another long year ending, there’s been victories and failures, bumps and highs, but one thing endures- the love you have for your special people. Whether it’s impressing the in-laws or simply having fun together as a family, succulent food is the name of the festive game. Luckily, with Miami Canners in your corner, a delicious Festive Feast has never been simpler to make.

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No one is too sure where the tradition of the Christmas Pickle came from, but we know it’s a tasty one! You’ll hear all manner of stories explaining why no Christmas table is complete without a pickle or two. We know Woolworths (the U.K chain, not our local one) started selling glass ornaments in the shape of fruit and veggies in the 1880s, and claimed it was due to an old Germanic tradition of hanging a pickle on the Christmas Tree for the little ones to find.

This was news to the Germans, however, who had never heard the myth! A more tragic take on the tale has a pickle being the thing to revive and help an American Civil War fighter recover his strength in captivity. Perhaps the most likely ties the pickle to St Nicholas, who is credited with returning two boys placed in a pickle barrel to life. It doesn’t matter the true origin of the tale, however. The fact remains- without a Miami pickle or two on the table, Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas!

A South African twist to the season

Traditional festive fare may be the name of the game, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a little creative! With South African born-and-bred classics like atchar and braai relish to hand, you’re armed with everything you need to add a lekker South African flavour to the festivities. Be it a chilled-out braai with friends, or a full-course dinner with some South African fusion cuisine, Miami’s got what you need to simplify your task and make sure you spend some time at the table too.

Sweet treats and guilty pleasures

What would the festive season be without a little indulgence? Let your sweet tooth come to the fore, and take the opportunity to splurge on a few favourites. Be it some traditional gingerbread men or a cooling granadilla fridge tart just like Ouma used to make it, let your inner child out to play a little.

Festive fun is the name of the game, in the kitchen and out of it. Plan your festive feast today, with a little extra help from our exciting Miami ranges, and you’ll be sure to have plenty of time to spend with your family and loved ones enjoying your flavourful creations, too.