What says summer more than a hot braai, a cool beer, and good friends? With the warm weather tempting us outside, and some time to relax at hand, what could be better than a braai celebrated in style? Miami-style, that is!

Let Miami help you make the perfect braai

While we can’t help you with your Ouma’s secret ingredient in her pap, we can help you make a tasty, delicious braai with no sweat, no fuss. Be sure to pop these three Miami favourites in your shopping trolley, and every braai you host is bound to be the talk of the town for weeks to come!

  1. Nail the perfect relish

No one needs to know but you and Miami! No need to play hit-and-miss in the kitchen with this perennial favourite at hand. Whether you love it straight out the tin (we do), or want to add a few loving tweaks of your own, our delectable boerie relish range has a taste for every discerning palate. Just be sure to bury the tin at the bottom of the bin, and we’ll let you claim the credit! Slap it on a roll with some onions and your best-braaied boerie for a taste nobody can deny.

  1. Amp up the Pap ‘n Sous

No braai would be complete without a steaming dish of fluffy pap to go with the meat. And what does every delicious dish of pap need? That’s right, its own braai sauce! No need to spend hours laboriously chopping onions and tomatoes, either. Simply sneak a tin of our braai relish into your trolley. This perfect blend of diced tomatoes, onions, herbs and spices, all cooked to a saucy relish, makes a delicious stand-alone pap sauce, or the ideal base for your further experiments.

  1. Bring it home with the potjie

Is potjie your favourite braai dish? It just got even more exciting with the power of Miami in your pantry. Simply add a tin of your favourite tomato and onion blend to the mix, for a mild acidity that will cut through the fat, seep deliciously into the potatoes, and lift your potjie’s taste into a new dimension.

Where would summer be without a braai- and where would braais be without Miami Canners? With these three staple braai secrets in your pantry, you’ll be braaing all summer long in style!