With the ‘silly season’ soon erupting into our lives, you’re probably already looking forward to spending a little extra time with the kids. Despite the magic of the season, however, it can be a little tough to know what to serve our young ones to keep them happy, healthy and satisfied (as well as allow them a few scrumptious treats) during the long school holidays and the festive season frenzy. Here’s 5 star snacks your kids are sure to enjoy, all thanks to you (and the Miami Kitchen family).

1.  Cold cuts and spicy piccalilli

Almost any cold meat cut can be enhanced with a dap or two of pungent piccalilli to taste. Packed with a peppery mustard flavour as well as tons of crunchy, good-for-the-tummy veggies, piccalilli also adds a welcome dose of nutrition to a snack…but shh, your little one will never know. This is a great, and quick, way to keep the kids fed, get the leftover roast out of the fridge, and ensure everyone has a great festive season- what’s not to love?

2.  Burgers and crunchy dill picklesMIAMI-CANNERS_SEPT_SQUARE-CREATIVES_0819-5

The festive season is sure to make your wallet a little lighter then you’d like, so fast food is probably going to be off the table for a little while. Never mind- you don’t need the extra calories, anyway! Create a better, tastier burger at home. It’s a great way to keep kids full at a braai, too. With a home-braaied burger, some fresh lettuce and onion, a spoon of Miami braai relish and some sweet and sandwiched sliced gherkins, they’ll soon be asking for more!

3.  Crunchy cheese and onion sticks

Our range of pickled onions pair perfectly with cheddar cubes and even some ham or gammon for a quick, fun little snack kids and adults alike will enjoy. Do remember to watch younger little ones with the cocktail sticks, however!

4.  Dips galore

Bring a little Mexican to the kid’s table 9and get them to eat their veggies) with a super-quick salsa. Simply chill our Mexican Tomato relish, add a little chopped coriander, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and toss in a little chilli if you’d like. Pair it up with some cream cheese and a little guacamole, then spread a layer of grated cheese over some wraps and melt the cheese under the grill. Can you say instant quesadillas, mom?

5.  Tasty granadilla treats

No festive season South African kiddies treat would be complete without Miami’s granadilla pulp. There’s nothing you can’t do with this versatile favourite. Blend in a little yogurt and freeze in molds for a healthy alternative to ice-cream, or toss it in your signature fridge tart- the kids will love it no matter what.

With Miami’s help, you and your kids can have a relaxing, fuss-free Christmas packed full of healthy, tasty treats.