Let’s face it- there’s a reason you, our fans, love to stock your favourite Miami Canners’ products. They offer a convenient way to speed up your time in the kitchen without sacrificing taste or your family’s health.

While we offer a ton of convenient products, from dill pickles to braai relish, we’ve noticed there’s a few top sellers South Africa has decided no kitchen can be without – so here’s the lowdown on the 5 Miami products every South African pantry needs if you’re going to make your meals #ChopChop.

1.  Sweet and Tangy Gherkins

A house simply isn’t a home without a pickle! There’s truly no end to the uses you can put these little devils too. Toss them in pasta, top a burger, spice up bacon and potato salad, fry them… or simply grab a tasty snack when you can’t wait for dinner. The thing that makes a traditional dill gherkin so very special is its sheer versatility. Offering a classic sweet and sour taste with a delicious ‘crunch’, they’re just too moreish to pass up. And now science is on our side too. Enjoy a little extra tummy health with pickles in your diet to soothe and provide a probiotic boost.

2.  Granadilla Pulp

From sour to sweet, but still a treat! This Miami favourite made the list because it delivers a delicious punch of healthy, sugar-free fruit to any sweet treat. Whether it’s making decadent cakes and fridge tarts, or blending into a low-fat, health-conscious smoothie or icy yoghurt treat for the kids, childhood just wouldn’t be the same without this pantry staple at hand. No need to fuss with this notorious fruit with Miami around. Just open and pour.

3.  Classic Boerie Relish

Where would we be as a nation without the art of the braai? We even dedicate a public holiday to it! The braai brings South Africa together, celebrating friendship and good food with the ones we love. But hosting can be a hectic job, and it’s difficult to balance having fun and giving your guests the very best. With this pantry staple ready to roll out at any time, you have a solid basic boerie relish you can use as-is, or dress up with your own secret ingredients for a personal touch. Whether it’s on a boerie roll, making pap delicious or simply pepping up your weekday wors, this one is a winner. Spoon and serve.

4.  Mild Mango Atchar

There’s a bit of a national battle here between those who like it hot and those who’d rather not. It seems the ‘mild’ wins out, but only by a hairline. No matter whether you enjoy it super-burny or simply fragrant, atchar is a classic staple of South African cuisine, and no home should be without this ever-useful condiment. Add to soups and stews or use as a stand-alone dressing…atchar does it all. The perfect exam

ple of ‘local is lekker’!

5.  Tomato and Onion Mix

Ah, where would any list of Miami favourites be without this classic?

There’s nothing this little powerhouse of health and flavour can’t do, actually. From the base for soups, stews and curries to the perfect pasta sauce, you can use this convenient mix anywhere you need a flavourful tomato base. We offer a few variants on this classic, designed specifically for different cuisines, but South Africa comes back to this good old favourite time and again.

What’s your Miami Canners must-have? Do you have all 5 of these favourites in your kitchen, or is it time for a shopping trip to stock up? Don’t forget to slip a tasty treat for yourself into the trolley too!Tomato and Onion mix