With the holiday season over and school back in session (not to mention the daily grind of work), the last thing you want is to be trapped in the kitchen for hours and hours.  If you’re looking for a chop-chop meal idea you can throw together in minutes, but which will still give your family the very best of taste and nutrition, look no further. Today, Miami Canners is re-inventing a heart-warming classic… the hamburger! Nostalgia, taste, nutrition and convenience all in one, what more could we ask for?

Are hamburgers a nutritious choice?

Shorn of the trans-fat and low standards of the fast-food industry, the classic burger is actually a pretty healthy choice for your family. The secret really does lie in the ingredients you use. We’re going to harness the power and convenience of Miami’s hamburger sliced dill pickles, along with the succulent (and healthy) tomato powerhouse of our boerie relish to make this dish a healthy, yet delicious, treat.

The pickles will add a tangy crunch that’s also packed with stomach-friendly goodness. The relish brings piquancy alongside the antioxidant lycopene. Let’s assemble the rest of our superstar team.

Opt for wholewheat or ‘mixed grain’ hamburger buns of your choice. To keep this meal chop-chop, we’re going to suggest you source some premade hamburger patties. Skip the frozen boxed editions and buy fresh from your butchery section to reduce fat and increase protein. Be sure to grill instead of fry! Vegetarians can always substitute with a black bean or lentil burger.  Fresh sliced tomato and onion add a healthy crunch. You can opt for lettuce or add a little more nutritional vooma with baby spinach, kale or watercress leaves. Skip the pre-sliced cheese for some good old probiotic cheddar and use a little mayo instead of margarine and artificial sauces.

How do I make this a chop-chop meal?

Now you have the basics of a nutritious meal, it’s time to get chopping! Assembling the burgers couldn’t be easier- don’t forget that relish for the special touch- but how can you take it from ‘snack’ to meal? Don’t worry, it can be done chop-chop!

Toss together some halloumi, cottage cheese and guacamole as the ideal sides if you’d like a little extra protein and healthy fat. Keep it crisp and crunchy with a 5-minute green salad if you want a light meal, or grill some vine or baby tomatoes with feta and a drizzle of olive oil for a delicious veggie side that’s ready in minutes.

Reinvent the classic fast-food staple into a healthy, simple and delicious chop-chop meal in minutes. With Miami Canners helping you every step of the way, you’ll be able to enjoy your evenings worry-free, knowing you’ve made a healthy meal the whole family will love.