It’s almost the weekend, baby! After a hectic week of deadlines, homework and household chores, it’s time to come together as a family, relax and enjoy some peace. We all want to make sure the family keeps eating healthily during our downtime- but who wants to spend precious weekend hours in the kitchen? With Miami Canners and some family favourites, however, the weekends will be fun, tasty and healthy too!

Jazz up the classic pizza

Don’t reach for the phone to dial takeaway! This one couldn’t be simpler (and tastier) to make at home. The very best thing is, you can make it as simple or as complex as you want, too. Grab some pita breads or wraps, smear on a layer of Miami’s Tomato Puree, add a generous layer of your favourite Miami Chopped Peeled Tomatoes and a generous handful of grated cheddar or mozzarella, and throw on your topping of choice. Grill until the cheese is bubbly for a simple, easy pizza that’s fun for the whole family. You can even allow each family member (or guest) to customise their topping choice! Be sure to shred some fresh parsley, basil and oregano on top for an authentic pizza taste.

Go big or go home by taking the idea a step further and buying a pre-made pizza base. Or take the easy way out (it’s the weekend, after all) and simply splash some extra relish and cheese on a pre-made pizza to ensure you get the very best taste possible without needing too much effort, either.

Pimp out your hamburger

It’s easy to give another fast food classic a healthier home overhaul, too. Keep the special fun of the weekend, but banish junk food calories and trans fats to the naughty corner. Go all-out and make your own burgers, or grab a pack of premade patties from your favourite butchery. Slap them on the braai or use a stove-top griller for the same smokey taste. Slap on a handful of lettuce (or upgrade to spinach or kale for a nutrition-packed experience) and some onion rings, and be sure not to forget our conveniently pre-sliced hamburger gherkins. Top it off with sliced tomato, your patty and (of course) some tomato relish for extra zing! Can you say delicious?

Spice up a boerie roll

Nothing says ‘weekend fun’ like a classic boerie roll. Add some extra piquancy and jazz it up with caramelised onions and a dollop or two of our famous boerie relish to take it from snack to meal. Whether you opt for tasty chips or a healthy salad, this is a classic everyone will adore.

Keep the weekends simple with some refreshing takes on classic comfort foods the whole family will love- and add the Miami Canners difference, of course!


Image Credit – TripAdvisor – Castelos