The world can seem a difficult, and even lonely place of late. That’s why Miami’s on a mission to help people come together at heart and feel the love of family and sharing once again, no matter how far you may be in physical distance from those you love.

Food has always been one of the best ways’ humans share with each other, celebrating together and bonding over our love for the delicious feasts lovingly prepared for us. Even if you’re stuck away from loved ones right now, it’s time to rekindle the joy of the family feast together- just you, your loved ones and Miami.

Wherever you go, there’s Miami

While everyone has their own unique kitchen personality, there’s one constant every South African can turn to- and that’s your regular Miami favourites. Available on supermarket shelves nation-wide, our diverse range is the perfect way to make sure your food always tastes like home, no matter where you are. Even if you’re miles away, you can still run out (don’t forget your mask) and grab a little bit of mamma’s Miami magic to add warmth and love to your meal.

We’ve got a little bit of something to complement every dish, too. Whether you want to make Mexican pop, add the perfect touch to your pap and wors, or spice up a good ol’ fish and chip supper, Miami has the perfect treat for you.

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Boerie Relish 450g (New 18 Oct 2018)










We built our range from the heart, with comfort food in mind, so it’s not so surprising that many of our products can fit so versatility into your menu. We just hope that the same love we feel for what we make comes across to those who use it, too.

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