Anything goes with this fantastic new tomato mix in your bag!

We at Miami Canners have a long legacy of bringing you family favourites and pantry staples you can rely on. We may draw heavily on traditional foods and flavours to keep mealtimes tasting great, but that doesn’t mean we ever just rest on our accomplishments. We’re always looking for tasty new ways to bring you flavour sensations you’ll love…and it’s time to unveil our latest phenomenal offering. With this versatile, creative ‘anything goes’ tomato mix in your bag, you’ll be cooking up a storm in no time!

Anything goes? What to expect from this tasty tomato treat

In the culinary world, the tomato is king. How could we even imagine pizza, pasta or stew without a hearty, flavourful tomato base and just the right amount of acid to lift a dish? Yet cooking tomatoes to the perfect blend of texture, taste, and flavour to make a meal something truly special takes hours spent carefully stirring, tweaking and blending over a hot stove- or 5 minutes with Miami on your team! We’re sure you’re already familiar with our exciting range of tomato purees, relishes, mixes and so much more, enabling you to add this amazing ingredient to your meals without the mess and fuss.

While our Mexican Mix adds a delightful bite of chilli to your salsa, and our Italian tomatoes make every pasta sauce special, what happens if you’re looking for something a little different? If you’re looking to get a little creative in the kitchen, aren’t sure what the right spice blend for your dish would be, or just want to titillate your taste buds with something different? Enter the Anything Goes tomato mix, set to make your dishes extraordinary.


A little bit of everything, all in one can

When we created the ‘anything goes’ tomato mix, we had one mission in mind: to bring you a flavourful burst of tomatoes and spices, delicately balanced to be versatile across any dish you’d like to add extra flavour to. From delicious summer wraps on the patio, to Mom’s secret pasta sauce, we wanted you to have an innovative new tomato mix choice that would lend itself well to any culinary situation. We know life’s busy as it is and opening different cans and refining spice blends can get tiresome when you’re just in the mood for a quick, delicious and healthy meal. The Anything Goes tomato mix brings you a gentle balance of herbs and spices that will fit any dish. It’s got the heart to stand up to smoked meats, gravy, wors and hearty stews and soups, but the delicacy to enhance Italian fish dishes, stuffed mushrooms and even your game-night pizza.

It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner… the Anything Goes tomato mix will give your dishes the boost they need. With all the power of Miami Canner’s traditional tomato mixes, but an innovative new flavour blend that will match anything you throw at it, this delicious new edition to our range will soon be a pantry staple. It’s rolling into shops right now, so why not throw it on the shopping list today, and let our favourite new tomato mix reinvent the way you enjoy your food?