Spring in the air, and promises of a hot summer filled with fun are just around the corner. We may not yet be sure if the kids will be back at school or having a little extra fun in the pool as the hot season spreads some much-needed cheer around, but we do no one thing for certain… there’s nothing better than a yummy sandwich packed with love to spice up summer lunches. That’s why Miami Canners are thrilled to bring you yet another delicious, innovative spread that will soon win over hearts throughout the country

What’s the new Miami Sarmie Relish bringing to the table?


Sandwiches are quick, convenient and easy to tuck in the fridge at work or in your kid’s backpacks. Yet with our hectic lives, it can be difficult to keep things tasty, fast and simple. Luckily for you, Miami is here to help! The new Miami sarmie relish is poised to add a ton of variety (and taste) to your favourite lunches. Celebrating our legacy of tasty pickles, this deliciously piquant spread is redolent with the crunchy tastes of summer.


But sandwiches aren’t all this new pantry stable can do, either. With a light, delicate tang and just the right amount of crunch, it also makes a fantastic way to jazz up some other summer staples. Make a potato salad or tuna salad with some sparkle, add a tangy topping to baked potatoes or a secret ingredient to the best tartar sauce in the world, or simply pop it out on display in your event or buffet platters, where the sassy taste will synergise perfectly with smoked deli meats and mid-flavour cheeses like cheddar. It goes fabulously with our traditional piccalilli, too!


A delicious new take on an old favourite

With this powerful little sandwich spread in your pantry, you’ll never have a boring lunch again! Packed with the same love and care Miami Canners invests in all it’s produce, this delectable new edition to our range is sure to become a firm family favourite even before you finish the first jar. It will be rolling onto supermarket shelves across the country soon, so why not add this one to the shopping list today?