While the long stretch of lockdown has given many of us unprecedented time at home to experiment in the kitchen, COVID-burnout and dreary winter days have proved to be a creative drain. It’s time to shake off the blues, however, and rediscover a love for the flavourful cuisines that make South Africa so special. Today Miami Canners has 2 super-special recipes from local foodster, Cooking with Lung Star, that will soon have even the most jaded tastebuds begging for more!

Cheesy Pap to die for

Where would SA cuisine be without kitchen-staple, pap? Yet this versatile dish can sometimes seem a little flat. Not so with this delicious take on the old favourite, however!
First, grab yourself some frozen sweetcorn. After a gentle defrost, toss in a teaspoon (or two) of creamy margarine. In the meantime, you’ll whip up your pap the traditional way. For the softest, fluffiest pap around, we suggest a couple of sprinkles of Aromat, with the pap added to water at a rolling boil. Be sure to stir well! When the pap is almost ready, drop in the sweetcorn and stir in. After 3 minutes, turn off the heat. Grab (and grease) an oven-safe dish, then layer in your pap. Top it off with a tin of our all-new Anything Goes Tomato Mix and liberal handfuls of grated cheddar. Pop it in the oven until the cheese melts and you’re done!
This is the perfect companion to a juicy helping of traditional wors- try simmering the wors in a few tablespoons of the Anything Goes Tomato Mix and a tablespoon of your favourite steak sauce for an added wow factor.

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Jazz up French Toast forever

French Toast may be a favourite, but it can feel a little stale after a while. Not with Lungile on your team, though!
Simply grab your bread, eggs and milk, and whip up a batch of French toast. Beat the eggs into the milk, dip the bread until liberally coated, and fry to your preferred level of golden. In the meantime, fry up some halloumi cheese and bacon (add some sprinkles of Aromat for extra zing), slice up fresh, crunchy lettuce and tomato, and grab your jar of Miami Sarmie Relish.
Layer up your toast with liberal helpings of each topping, stacking it up in a tower to serve a snack that’s not only delicious, but looks amazing too.
With these 2 dazzling additions to the Miami range on your side, and Lungile’s exciting, fresh takes on old favourites, you’ll soon love being in the kitchen once again!

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