Summer and salad go hand in hand. But who wants to just chew on leaves, right? Wrong! With Miami Canners and these inspired summer salad ideas, you’ll revolutionize healthy eating and have the whole family begging for more, more, more!

Tasty, delicious and filling

This delectable take on the classic salad by Roxfitness uses moist and tender chicken breast, tangy sauce and, of course, our very own Miami Sweet & Tangy Salad Snippets to deliver a salad that’s packed with nutrition, filling for even the biggest appetite, and tasty too.

All you need is about 160g chicken breast per person. Coat it in a smokey Brazillian rub, with a little added chilli, mustard seed and honey for tang, and grill it to perfection. Toss some cooked baby potatoes in a lemon peri-peri and garlic sauce (or sauce of your choice, really, but be sure to pair the taste with the chicken rub). Then throw together some baby spinach leaves (much tastier than lettuce, and so healthy too), our super-special new Salad Snippets, some olives and cherry tomatoes, and your favourite blue cheese.

Can you say yum?

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Chakalaka or 2-bean- you decide!

This tasty take from Meals for you with Hunandi fuses the very best of chakalaka with the warmth and comfort of 2-bean salad. Quickly blanch some green beans and set aside to cool before tossing 2 medium carrots and an onion in a light oil of your choice to fry. Add paprika, garlic, mild curry powder and your favourite Italian Herbs blend along with ½ a chicken stock cube. Lastly, toss in ½ a can of baked beans, and allow the mix to simmer softly together. Now it’s time to add 2 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce and about 4 gherkins chopped up. Lastly, add your green beans and about 3-4 tablespoons of our sizzling veggie atchar, and you’re ready to tuck in!

This hearty salad gives you all the best of chakalaka with the nutritional value of a great salad and the filling comfort of a traditional 2-bean salad. What more could you ask for?

With these 2 divine and delicious dishes (and your Miami Canner’s favourites) tucked in your recipe book, you’ll never be bored of salad again. Healthy, quick and tasty, what more could you want?

Vegetable atchar