With both the Festive Season and Summer in full swing, the last thing you’re probably feeling is snowmen and reindeer. Why not give your Christmas table a uniquely South African overhaul this year? All you need is love and Miami Canners, and the spirit of the season will be soon be flowing through your home 

Nod at your Braai

Boerie Relish 450g (New 18 Oct 2018)Braaing is practically a national pastime for South Africans, so why not toss in a nod or two to this great national institution? You could just send the menfolk out to the braai to brown up some wors for the hungriest kids to dip in our delicious braai relish. It would get them all out from underneath your feet- score! Or maybe you’ll decide to go all-out on a Christmas Braai of note, and max out your braaing skills to produce the whole feast. Whatever you do, don’t think every meat dish has to be centred on the oven. The kitchen is hot and stuffy this time of year, so some alfresco cooking is a great way to celebrate the summer, get the whole family involved, and cool off a little, too.

Get Outdoorsy

Ok, we were on to a good thing there. Even if you mains are more oven-focused, why not consider taking the feast outside? Most of our provinces get the best weather of the year in December, and it’s a shame to miss it all cooped up indoors. Plus with some space, the kids and pets can run off some of that Christmas excitement without getting too much in the way or risking a kitchen mishap. Toss a citronella candle on the table to keep the bugs away, pop up an umbrella for the sun and sip a cool sangria at sundown. There’s no better time of year for a family celebration.

The prep’s in the…pudding?

While every South African is partial to a bit of Malva pudding, no matter the time of year, let’s just be honest- it’s hot out there. Do your guests really want a heavy, rich, steaming Christmas Pudding for dessert? Why not tempt them with a classic South African treat, instead? All you need is a rich, tasty vanilla ice cream, a can of Miami Granadilla and a shot or two of your favourite Brandy (if it’s an all-adult party) to stir into some golden sauce. Or take it to the next level, and try this simple no-churn granadilla ice cream by Meals_by_Mom… it is honestly as easy as could be! 

With ice-cold refreshments in the cooler box, delicious treats in the fridge and a delectable meal ready to hit the table, Christmas is sure to be a hit this year. Don’t forget to invite Miami to the table, too!

Miami Granadilla pulp