Crafty, thrifty and Oh so Pretty

Here at Miami Canners, we know it’s not just about creating fantastic products. We all live on the same planet, and if we don’t take care of Mother Nature, she won’t take care of us. That’s why we encourage people to have fun recycling and upcycling their favourite Miami products- not only will it keep the kids out from underfoot during these globally challenging times, but it will help the planet too!

1. Wonderful Windchimes

Wind chimes are a great feature to add to any garden or home. Not only do their soft chimes add an extra level of soothing sound to your space, but they can help keep away birds, put off flying insects, and alert you to your pet’s antics.

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Whether you like sleek and sophisticated, or bright and cheerful, you can create gorgeous DIY wind chimes with cans. The sky’s the limit on creativity, too. Use a solid can body as the core of your chime. You can choose to puncture pleasing shapes in the body of the can for a wrought iron effect or paint the body beautifully. Place a layer of evenly spaced punches in one end of the can, to act as the anchor for the streamers. Loop a split ring through each hole- and go wild! String beautiful beads on fine wire. Use old cutlery as an anchor. Find tuneful metal or wood rods. Cut shapes from another can to string together. You can do anything you like- you’re sure to love the results!

2. Candles and Cans

Candles and Cans are a match made in crafting heaven. No matter what the occasion, no matter your tastes, you can find a spectacular way to celebrate them with this pairing. If you simply want to create gorgeous candle holders, you can wrap a can in burlap (or any stout fabric) and trim it with ribbons or trinkets. Create a candle-lantern effect by punching or cutting geometric inserts into the can. Take this a step further, and create letters with the punches, enabling you to spell the name of the bride and groom, a candlelit ‘Thank you’, or anything else.

Using flame-safe enamel paint, you can also create beautiful all-in-one candles. It requires a wick, which you will set in the middle of the can, and a suitable candle wax to pour around it. Once set, you will have your very own upcycled candles. You can even harvest the wax from older candles and tealights!

3. A portable baby braai

If you’re heading out to camp and left the braai behind, never fear! Split a can in 2.5 cm wide segments, leaving the can intact for a 5 cm section at the base. Fan out the strips- these can now support a small grill. You will pile the coals into the round, secure ‘basket’ which you have created by lining the can frame with tinfoil. Light the coals, and place your grill on top. Fast, effective and simple, you can have a pocket braai wherever you go.

Getting creative with cans 3

We hope these fantastic can recycling ideas have got your creative juices flowing! There’s a million fun things you can do to upcycle cans, so let your imagination free and have some fun with your Miami Canner’s cans today!

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