Has the winter weather left you feeling over and done with? Or have you just run out of ideas in the kitchen? Never fear! Miami Canners has some delectable and simple weekday treats you can run up without fuss or bother. Why not try one of these delicious meals the next time you need some inspiration in the kitchen?

The all-day Boerie Breakfast

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Our good friend Ella the Cook created this glorious Boerie Breakfast with our brand new Anything Goes Tomato Mix. Not only does it taste like a dream, we’ll let you in on another secret- it’s delicious any time of the day and makes a great dinner too! Simply grab:

  • 6 pieces boerewors
  • 1 onion chopped
  • 1 handful red, yellow and green pepper chopped
  • 2 handful Italian parsley chopped
  • 1tbsp oil
  • 1tsp crushed garlic
  • 1tbsp curry paste
  • 1tsp paprika
  • 1 can MIAMI Anything Goes Tomato Mix

Warm up the oil in your pan, and brown your boerewors until it’s perfect. Set it aside, and add the garlic, pepper, and onion to the pan. Cook until soft and glassy, then add the paprika and stir in well. Pop in the can of tomatoes, parsley and the boerewors, and slowly bring to a simmer. Taste the seasoning, and enjoy! This dish is fantastic with a fluffy bowl of pap or some crisp fresh bread.

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Explore the art of the Hamburger

Have you always thought hamburgers were a little boring for your family? Or worried about their health? While everyone can handle an indulgent treat every now and again, you can bring burgers into your regular dinner time list by moving them from the frying pan to the grill. This will help keep the meat heart-healthy. Add in a liberal helping of crunchy, delicious veggies (including some Miami favourites), and you’ll have a healthy, good-for-you meal that still tastes like heaven. Here’s some inspiration for you!

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Upgrade a regular beef burger by looking for grass-fed beef patties. Choose a crisp iceberg lettuce and some succulent tomatoes, and toss some Miami Gherkins on for crunch and your favourite Boerie Relish to jazz up the taste.

Or get even healthier with a fishy twist. You can pick up a white hake burger premade for this one, or choose yourself a hake or salmon steak for extra fitness points. Tartar sauce, the traditional pairing for fish, can be a little heavy on the waistline, so sub in some sour cream (or even Greek yoghurt) if you’re health-conscious. Top it with some crunchy Gherkins, or try our gherkin, onion, and cherry pepper blend for extra pop. You can try this trick with a range of ground poultry, pre-made turkey or chicken burgers, or a 1cm thick poultry breast cut, too. Tasty and healthy!

Vegetarian’s who want to get in on the burger action should help themselves to some Portobello (or ‘braai’) mushrooms. These big, meaty mushrooms make the perfect alternative to a traditional burger, and can be dressed up or down as you’d like. Pair them with Miami pickled onions for a sensational combo. It’s a nice alternative to the ‘traditional’ black bean burger, although that’s delicious too!

Veggie- and Meat lovers alike can create a stomach-friendly burger by subbing out the lettuce and tomato for a range of pickled veggies. Sauerkraut, pickled carrot, and grated red cabbage all make fibre-rich, tummy-friendly subs with a delightful crunch.

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Never feel bored at dinner again! With Miami Canners and these delicious, simple dinner treats, the whole family will love you.