What has made Miami Canners such a stalwart in the South African food scene? Sure, we make some of your favourite treats, but Miami Canners is so much more than just a canner and employer. Today we take a deep dive into what choosing Miami for your family really means.

From our family to yours

Did you know that Miami is still a family-run business? Our ethos has always been to deliver great quality and great service, and we do our best to live up to that standard. We may be best known for the tasty snacks people whip up, but in reality that family-orientated focus means so much more. It means we know what it feels like to need a reliable staple in your pantry to feed the extra mouths your kids bring home from school without warning. It’s about that Friday-night pizza whipped up to watch a movie together. It’s having healthy snacks on hand to support growing bodies and brains. And about offering a trusted helping hand when you’re tired and rushed after a long day but still want to serve your loved ones something delicious. That same love and dedication goes into every product we offer- and we’re proud of that fact.

Building the community

The ability to secure employment and elevate yourself and your family with dignity is a key issue for South African. Many more people need steady and reliable employment than can easily find it. When a company like Miami establishes itself within the local community, it brings much-needed work for a huge range of skill sets, enabling workers to feed their families and work in safe, dignified conditions that help them uplift themselves and their dreams.

That’s part of how our staff have come to be such dedicated, passionate brand ambassadors for the Miami Brand. They know that their hard work is helping to create a better life throughout their home community, delivering real-time returns for friends and family instead of ticking up numbers on the stock exchange for distant names.

Local is Lekker means thinking small

We’ve even heard our President recently extolling the virtues of locally made products. Of course, customers still expect high-quality goods that deliver on taste, price, and quality, local or not. How do you achieve the best balance of high quality, local products? We believe our smaller size has enabled us to focus on delivering satisfaction, not only to our end-customers, but also within the larger supply chain we service. Our trade customers tell us they appreciate our commitment to service, the flexibility that being locally sourced brings to the table, and our dedication to actioning customer feedback. And our client’s happiness speaks for itself in every delicious meal they serve.

When we think of business, it’s natural that our minds drift to the global giants. But did you know that it’s small local businesses that employ the bulk of workers globally? This situation is only magnified in South Africa.

When you choose a local business, you’re choosing local workmanship, local workers, and local families too. Instead of putting your hard-earned cash in the pocket of a trillionaire to whom you’re just a number, you’re helping to support people just like you- and together we make a better life for our children. And that’s the Miami difference we pledge to keep bringing to your table, no matter what it takes!

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