Here at MIAMI, we love helping you to happy, healthy meals that are packed with comfort and flavour. The quicker you’re in-and-out of the kitchen, the better! That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you this easy, 4-ingredient pizza to enjoy.


Really, only four ingredients?

Yes, you read that right! This quick and easy way to enjoy a delicious explosion of Italian tastes only needs a few minutes to assemble, and comes packed with taste too.

Our basic pizza is designed to deliver all the taste and flavour of a traditional Margarita pizza. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can toss on anything else you’d like. Cold cuts, re-cooked wors, and fresh olives, pepper, or mushrooms are all fantastic choices, but the sky is the limit.

How to make the pizza dough

We’re going to add an authentic home-cooked taste by making the dough ourselves. Don’t worry- it’s super easy! Add 1.5 cups of self-raising flour to 1 cup of Greek Yoghurt. Sprinkle your work surface with extra flour so you can knead the dough and keep it from getting sticky. It will need to be worked for about 8 to 10 minutes.

When you’re done, simply spray a 30 cm pan with a non-stick spray, and spread the dough out evenly. To take the size up to 40cm, you will need to double the dough quantities. Be sure to cook the base at 260 degrees C, or the bottom will stay soggy.

Choose your toppings

Brush the dough with high-quality olive oil. For an authentic taste, we’re going to use MIAMI’s Anything goes tomato mix to spread on the dough. Then add generous handfuls of mozzarella, adding a little cheddar for extra taste if you’d like. From there, you can decide if you’d rather leave it as-is, or add any other delicious toppings to enjoy.
And there you have it! This quick and simple pizza, using your secret ingredients from MIAMI, is sure to become a weeknight favourite in your home.


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