What’s trending in the MIAMI’s kitchen today? While we’re proud of every single one of our convenient products, there’s a few top-sellers SA comes back to again and again. What are these superstars that you have decided are the MIAMI must-haves? Let’s take a look!

1 Tomato and Onion Mix

Where would any list of MIAMI favourites be without this classic? Tomato and onion are the true power pair, a couple you can’t break up and the perfect base for a huge range of cuisines. From curries to pasta sauce, pop the can and pour away! Canned tomatoes are incredibly healthy, and we’ve custom-designed an entire range of herbs and flavours for you to make the perfect match.

2 Sweet and Tangy Gherkins

South Africans sure get themselves in a pickle about our pickles! Another endlessly useful kitchen condiment, there’s nothing you can’t do with pickle power. Top a burger, toss them in a salad or pasta, spice up potato salad, or simply crunch away. With a delectable crunch and sweet-and-sour spices to tingle the tongue, you can add tummy health to the list of things pickles help with.

Gherkins Sweet & Tangy 380g Straight2 copy

3 Mild Mango Atchar

Hot or not? Atchar is a South African staple, though we struggle to agree if it should be burney or merely a tingle on the tongue. With this eternally useful condiment in your kitchen, flavour is only ever a spoonful away. Eat as-is or use it to enhance soups, stews, and burgers.

Mango Atchar Mild 380g

4 Granadilla Pulp

Sweet to sour, but such a treat! This MIAMI favourite has been shaping Ouma’s tarts and childhood memories for decades. Plus its sweet and tangy taste is sugar-free! From using it to spice up yoghurts and smoothies to making fridge tarts pop, this is a delicious pantry staple everyone loves.

Miami Granadilla Pulp

5 Classic Boerie Relish

There’s no South Africa without our braai culture, and here’s your perfect braai helper. Hosting is hectic, and we don’t always have the time to create relishes from scratch. With a jar of MIAMI’s delectable Boerie Relish in your pantry, however, you never need to worry again. Help is at hand! And it’s so good, no one will ever know it isn’t your secret creation!

Boerie Relish

There you have it! These 5 tasty MIAMI treats have been voted South Africa’s favourites. Which are you going to use today?