Another long year is almost at a close. It may have been a rough ride, but at least there’s the joy of the festive season to look forward to. Food and the holiday season have gone hand in hand for millennia, and so have some of our food traditions. Do you know the legend of the Christmas Pickle? Miami canners have the story you need.

Pickles at Christmas, but Why?

We all love tossing pickles in our recipes where we can, but putting them on the Christmas tree is a little rarer! All the same, a pickle ornament for the Christmas tree is an important tradition in many homes, but how did it come to be?

We know that the U.K Woolworths chain first sold all manner of veggie Christmas ornaments in the 1880s, beautifully made from glass. And they told us it was a German tradition to keep a pickle on the Christmas tree. No German seems to recognize this so-called tradition, however, so while it made a good story that’s not our answer.

Was it the way an American Civil War fighter was revived? Well, pickle juice does have some restorative properties for sports exertion, so perhaps. Or it could be related to the figure of St Nicholas, who has his own ties to Santa Claus. He is said to have brought back to life 2 young boys who drowned in a pickle barrel to life.

Add an SA twist

Whatever your take on the Christmas pickle, why not sneak one onto your Christmas table for a South African touch? We also have South African born-and-bred classics like atchar and braai relish to offer. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can crack a jar or can from Miami and spend time with the people you love?

Don’t forget to splurge on a few sweet favourites, either. From gingerbread men to granadilla fridge tart just like Ouma made it, Christmas is a time for some fun and indulgence.

With a festive feast soon to hit the table, we’re sure you’re slightly stressed. With Miami’s help, however, you’ll be able to cut down on the cooking and make merry with the family, instead, so don’t be afraid to let us help you. From our family to yours, Miami wishes you the best festive season ever.