In our last blog, Miami Canners looked at the massive human innovation that was the discovery of canning and bottling techniques. We discovered that we could kill germs, and keep food safer, even before we knew what germs were! Even today, bottling and canning are some of the most efficient food storage mechanisms we know. Why did Miami decide to specialize in our delicious canned and bottled ranges? Let’s look.

Practical, tasty food

The discovery of bottling and canning techniques revolutionized food for people. Before this point, what little foods we could preserve had to be salted or cured. And while every South African who loves biltong knows that that can be a treat in itself, it’s not a palatable way to eat every single meal. Cans and bottles could be (comparatively) easily moved around, and the food that came out of them tasted nearly fresh, too. Plus it preserved the texture, crunch, vitamins, and minerals needed for a healthy diet.

Once the wider world of canning and bottling opened up food preservation to people, it became a culinary adventure. You can even bottle-can at home. People had great fun storing their very own fruits and veggies, home-grown and delicious, through at-home canneries. While initial results could still have some spoilage from incorrect techniques, today it’s become a predictable, safe, and successful way to store preserves, jams, pre-mixes, and, of course, whole fruits and veggies.

Why Miami cans with love

Did you know that our aluminium cans were Miami’s very first products? But we were actually first known for the late Jan Welthagen’s delicious jams. Our Limpopo home is well known as a spectacular place for farming, so preserving these delicious fresh products allows the whole country to enjoy them.

When we saw how people responded to our can ranges in the 90s, we branched into glass bottle packaging too. Our first products were pickled onions, gherkins, and beetroot. In 1996, the quality Limpopo mango harvests allowed us to bring you our signature Mango Atchar, and the rest is history.

We’re proud to offer one of the largest canning and bottling facilities in South Africa, employing local talent to make only the best products. From our crisp pickles to our delicious relishes, Miami Canners has become a ‘home brand’ everyone recognizes. We’re so proud to bring you these tasty treats, direct from our kitchen to yours. Now, every time you crack a bottle or can, you can think about the human genius it represents, as well as the feast awaiting you.