Healthy Nachos, Happy Family With MIAMI

Who said eating healthily had to be boring? It’s time to ditch the chicken and rice, and excite your taste buds with a classic Mexicana treat, reworked for healthier eating. Coach Roxy, in partnership with MIAMI, is back with another delicious treat that won’t hurt your wallet, waistline, or anything else. It’s time to reinvent how you think about food that’s good for you.

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What are Nachos, Anyway?

While we think of nachos as a South American treat dish, they actually originated in Northern Mexico for a mostly American audience. In the states, you’ll find them fried and slathered in heady cheddar cheese, packed with chillies, as a treat that’s perfect for Superbowl Sunday and other sporting events, or shared between friends as a relaxed, easy to enjoy takeaway dish.

Coach Roxy has made us a MIAMI-influenced nacho recipe that trades in all those trans fats and unhealthy carbs for something lighter, healthier, but still packed with that wonderful sense of family, home, and sharing together. Let’s get started!

A Relaxed Shopping List

That same Sunday spirit can be applied to your shopping list for once, and you can probably find all the ingredients at home. You’ll need onions and mince, MIAMI braai relish (pick your fave), and your choice of seasonings. We love garlic, chilli powder, paprika, cumin, oregano, and, of course, salt and pepper. You can tweak this to suit your own tastes, so feel free to go wild. If you want, add some real diced chillies or jalapenos to the bag. Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget to add the tortilla chips to your cart!

Seal the deal with a little grated mozzarella, bringing that cheesy goodness with none of the processing and a lot less fat than traditional cheddar. Make the cheese go even further with some fully creamed cottage cheese for more fun and fewer calories.

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Making your Nachos

Simply dice and saute your onions until translucent, then add the mince and spices to cook through until brown. Make sure to give the spice mix time to work its magic, and allow it to pull into the mix and warm together. Simmer everything on a low heat until it smells sensational.

If you’re too hungry to wait, you can just plate up now, adding the mince mix, chillies, grated mozzarella, and a dollop of cottage cheese. If you want to add an authentic touch, layer it nicely and pop it in the oven until the cheese melts, then top with a little extra cottage cheese and chilli.

What’s for dinner tonight? This amazing ‘fakeaway’ take on nachos is sure to have the family coming back for more, so make sure you have your Miami braai relish on hand to whip this one up whenever you like.