Pickled juice

It’s no secret that Team Miami is all about the pickle. We just love them! We’ve looked before at the many ways pickle juice can be as great for you as the crunchy pickles you love, but we’re sure you thought we were a bit strange to suggest it. Is pickle juice really all that? Ileana Paules-Bronet recently gave ‘pickle juice shots’, as they’re becoming known, a try- here’s what happened.

Really Pickle Juice?

Yes, pickle juice! But if you’re picturing some kind of abominable smoothie made with pickles, relax. We’re talking about the brine in which all your favourites, from pickled onions to gherkins, are preserved. It’s become a best-kept secret of the sporting world, claimed to help ease cramps, boost recovery, keep you hydrated, and make sure you’re fighting fit for your next bout of exercise. And unlike many sugar-filled recovery drinks, it’s calorie-free, too.

Pickle juice is also packed with age-beating antioxidants, and there’s a little research that suggests it could help with weight loss too. Fermented foods are great for our friendly stomach flora, helping boost probiotics and soothe tummy issues in one. It’s even been used to help diabetics manage their blood sugar better. 

Gherkins Sweet & Tangy 380g Straight2 copy Gherkins Sweet & Sour 380g Straight copyIleana’s Journey

All the same, Ileana found herself feeling a little weird at the idea of just slinging back a shot glass of pickle juice daily. Ileana received her first ‘pickle juice shot’ as part of a 5k race’s pack of goodies, however, so she was willing to give it a try.

Her first concern was the taste, but luckily she found it perfectly palatable, just a little salty, and free of the acidic aftertaste of other culinary wunderkinds like lemon juice in water. When the seven days were up, what was her verdict?

While she couldn’t do a deep dive into claims like weight loss and blood sugar management, Ilena lives a very active lifestyle and one thing was clear- the muscle cramps she was used to after a hard session at barre class disappeared. She found herself less sore, cramp-free, and better able to focus on her workouts.

Of course, she’s only recommending pickle juice to those of us who already love our pickles! But she found her experiment a great alternative to sugar-packed sports drinks and expensive recovery products.

Would you be willing to give pickle juice shots a try? Whether you’re an avid sports-person too, looking to boost your digestive health, or simply like to try new things, it could be worth giving it a (wait for it) shot in your own life, too.

Miami Canners knows how much you love our succulent, crunchy pickle range. While we’re sure you won’t be able to resist the allure of that crisp snap in your mouth, it might be worth hanging on to the brine the next time you finish a bottle, too! Have you tried pickle juice for yourself? Let us know in the comments!