2022 Food trends

Food and Trendy can go hand in hand! What’s hot, what’s not, and what all the cool kids over on Instagram are doing can shape what everyone’s talking about in the food world. If you’re a fan of Miami Canner’s convenient pantry staples and homemade food as rich in love as it is in taste, you’re in luck, too. We’re calling 2022 the year where food comes home- here’s what you should know to keep your fingertips on the trendy pulse.

Comfort Wins

Let’s be honest, it’s been a rough few years all around! That’s why 2022 is bringing you generous helpings of delicious comfort food. Miami’s all ready to help you there!

Fancy a delicious, hearty meal? Time to head to your favourites in our relish range. It’s never been easier to whip up a tamatie bredie, succulent bunny chow (complete with local Atchar), curry, or stew. It’s Southern Comfort South African style all around! Get nostalgic, and indulge with some winter warmers you can’t do without. It’s even hitting the restaurant scene, but who needs to eat out when you can come home to love?


Pantry Staples

If you’ve spent any time on the ‘Gram recently, you’ve probably noticed the booming trend of showing off your perfectly organised kitchen. Reinventing pantry essentials has become a hot topic in the food world lately, from the world falling back in love with mushrooms to the renewed interest in ‘thrown together’ delights like charcuterie boards and antipasti.

With our sarmie relish, pickled onions, gherkins, atchars, and so much more, including a mouth-watering traditional piccalilli, Miami and Pantry are South African synonyms, so don’t forget to stock up!

Home Cooking

It’s time to love eating in! Alongside that return to cosy home comforts and deliciously nostalgic dishes, eating at home has become a big trend. Not only does this help trim the budget and keep things simpler, it’s also a fabulous way to bond as a family.

Not sure where to start? Convinced you’d have Gordon Ramsey yelling funny things about your dishes? Don’t be so shy! There’s plenty of fun and easy dishes in the Miami library you can try today. You could be enjoying a homemade pizza oozing with our tomato paste, ultra-adaptable anything goes tomato mix, and lashings of mozzarella by this evening.

Skip the Dishes with One Pot Cuisine

Home cooking is wonderful, but the dishes surely aren’t! Luckily, one-pot dishes are in. Why waste precious family time washing up, when you can keep it to one pot, pan, or tray and spend the time with those you love instead? Many of us are enjoying the newfound freedoms of the Instapot, but there’s plenty of other one-and-done options to explore. Cook yourself up a classic potjie, try a scintillating new dish like sausage stews and chicken curries, or warm up your winter with an oxtail soup. No mess, no fuss, and plenty of taste!

Local is Lekker

Our last booming food trend for 2022 is probably our most important, too. We already know how delicious using fresh, local produce can be. Don’t forget that it’s also a fantastic way to give back to the community around you. When we shop locally, we’re ensuring farmers and workers just like us can put meals on their own tables. Life is great when we help each other.

Miami Canners are proud to be a South African-owned and created company bringing the tastes you love so much, so if you haven’t explored our full range, why not try a few of our tasty treats today? Your tummy will be glad you did!