As we reach the peak of mid-winter, many of our sporting family are looking to the exciting events that bustle onto the scene in Springtime. One of our local favourites is the much-beloved Magoebaskloof Trek, a combination cycle race and trail race that hits South Africa’s shores at the end of August annually. Miami Canners loves to help our fit fanatics pep up their game, so if you’re heading to the Maghboeba Trek this year, we’ve also included a perfect powerup to help you get the best from your body.

The Magoebaskloof Trek

This year, we’re also super-proud to be sponsoring this epic combination event, so remember to stop by and say hi if you’re competing! Erupting onto the circuit between 19th and 21st August this year, you can either tackle the spectacular 1500m/day altitude gain on the three-stage 70 km race, or head off the road with the spectacular three-day 40 km trail race, gaining 800m/day in altitude.

Not only are these both tough (and fun) races, but they also pass through the spectacular natural scenery of the Haenertsburg area of Limpopo. This unique mountain bike challenge is the first to leverage the epic beauty of the Magoebaskloof area, letting you get Mother Nature on blast even as you challenge yourself and your cycling skills. 

Power Up your Cycling Training with a Breakfast Burrito

Competitive cycling burns a ton of calories, so you need to make sure you’re powered up before you hit the road to train. Why not try this delicious breakfast burrito to set you up for a great day on the road? 

Simply dump the eggs, whites, and beans into a bowl and whisk well. Let your skillet heat up for a few seconds, spray with your favourite non-stick spray, and add the mix. Cook until the eggs are no longer translucent (about 1 minute), then stir well and add everything else but the tortilla. On a low heat, cook the eggs through to your preferred consistency, and let the cheese get delicious and gooey. Slap into your tortilla, roll it up, and wrap in a little aluminium foil so it can be eaten on the go.

With this delicious breakfast under your belt, you’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Be sure to try this one on your run of the Magoebaskloof Trek, and why not add some of your other Miami favourites to the mix for some fun variety? We’ll see you there!