Miami Canners is proud to have been the heart of the South African pantry for decades. Delivering healthy treats for happy family meals, and the perfect comfort food for cold nights and sore hearts, we love seeing people’s twists on classic dishes made with the same loving care as everything that leaves our kitchen. With a juicy fusion of pizza and pasta, two of everyone’s favourite treats, you’re sure to fall in love with this simple little dish- why not try it out for yourself?

Italian Comfort Food

Humans love rich, complex, and carby treats, and when eaten in moderation, they’re a great way to bring some comfort and familiarity to your weekday dinners. Pizza and pasta are staples of human companionship, fun, and bonding no matter where in the world you visit these days. Both of Italian origin, they share a super-comforting pasta base with cheesy goodness and the rich taste of tomato and herbs, we love what they bring to the table.

Now you can try out a new take on these old favourites, and marry both these classic dishes into one delectable whole.

Pizza Pasta Sticks- A Simple Treat

All you need for this super-simple dish is:

  • Penne pasta of choice
  • 1 tin of Miami Anything Goes Tomato & Onion mix 
  • Mozzarella and cheddar cheese, grated
  • 2/3 of your favourite pizza toppings e.g. pepperoni slices, sliced olives, pineapple pieces
  • Kebab skewers

Simply cook the pasta until ‘al dente’, or still a little firm to the tooth, but tasty. Drain and cool the pasta, then thread around 15 pieces onto each skewer. Lightly oil a baking tray, and brush the pasta liberally with the tomato mix. Sprinkle heartily with the cheese, and then throw on your favourite pizza toppings. Pop under the grill to melt the cheese, and you’re done!


It’s time to plate and enjoy this quick-and-tasty Miami Canner’s dish for yourself. You won’t be sorry!