The Wonderful Relish- Enhancing your Food like a Pro

The many delectable relishes in the Miami Canner’s range have been family favourites for generations- but how much do you know about this delicious little addition to your culinary arsenal? Because of their long and stable shelf life, relishes of all kinds have been part of mankind’s dishes for millenia and continue to be firm favourites today. So today we’re diving deeper into their fascinating history and what makes them so deliciously special.

What is a Relish?

If you know the Miami range, you know there’s a lot of different relishes! From our famous Braai, Boerie and Tomato relishes to Sishebo, Chakalaka, and even Atchar, there’s a huge variety of taste and texture to enjoy. So what makes a relish a relish in the first place?

In the culinary world, relish refers to a condiment made from chopped veggies or fruits preserved with vinegar, sugar, and various spices. They are often used as topping or enhancers for meals, adding flavour and texture with their piquancy and dramatic spicing. Unlike chutneys and other spicy sauces, they’re typically chunky and retain a lot of ‘bite’ and texture. Think of them as the middle ground between a true pickled veggie and a spicy sauce. While there’s a huge global variety of relish-like recipes, common types of relish include pickle relishes, tomato relishes, and onion relishes. The common denominator is vinegar!

Some typical ingredients in relish include cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, peppers, and corn. Different varieties of relish can have different textures and levels of spiciness. For example, sweet relish is made with chopped pickles and has a sweeter taste, while hot relish can be made with spicy peppers for a more fiery flavour. Relish adds a flavorful and crunchy element to any dish that needs a little extra pep.

Relish can, of course, also refer to a feeling of enjoyment or pleasure in something- and we can’t think of a better name for these tasty little kitchen helpers!

Using Relish like a Pro

With such a global and diverse cuisine, there’s no one correct way to use relish. Their main role, as we’ve mentioned, is to add a pop of bright, piquant taste to dishes that may otherwise be a little bland, so you can either choose to make them a showstopper unto themselves (like adding a spoon of our boerie relish to a wors roll) or subtly include them in the sauce of a dish to add jazzy taste and depth. If you’re looking for some relish-based inspiration, however, why not try these out?

  • Top hot dogs, wors rolls, and hamburgers for an extra taste dimension
  • Use relish as a sandwich spread or wrap base
  • Enhance stews, marinades, tomato-based dishes and pasta salads with a few spoons
  • Mix into potato salad for added crunch and taste, or pep up tuna, egg, and chicken mayo
  • Serve with a cheese board to cut the taste of the cheese perfectly
  • Add more bite to deviled eggs
  • Use as a healthier dip or side dish for ‘finger food’ and snacks on game day

You really can’t go wrong with a relish you enjoy, and there’s so many different relish types that you will have a ton of fun finding your favourites, too. The Miami range is packed full of great relishes to try, inspired by our delectable local cuisines, so let your imagination run free. Your taste buds will thank you!