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Dill, Sweet and Crunchy

Dill, Sweet, and Crunchy: The Gherkin differences you need to know (and why they’re all great for your health) Here at Miami Canners, we consider ourselves experts at the art of the pickle. From crunchy to sweet, we’ve managed [...]


Reinventing the Risotto the MIAMI way!

Meatless Monday just got a whole lot better with Miami, CeCe Goje, and You! You’re just one Miami Tomato can away from a meal packed with flavour, fragrance and delicious goodness. Here’s how to shake up the humble Risotto and impart [...]


Perfect piquant pickles

Perfect piquant pickles like you’ve never had them before! Despite Miami Canner’s huge and delectable range, we know that many of you view our pickles as the pinnacle of our line. We couldn’t agree more! We’re proud to offer you succulent, [...]


Getting creative with cans

Crafty, thrifty and Oh so Pretty Here at Miami Canners, we know it’s not just about creating fantastic products. We all live on the same planet, and if we don’t take care of Mother Nature, she won’t take care of us. [...]


The true ‘beef’ behind the Bredie

You can’t have South African cuisine without the Tomato bredie! It’s an iconic dish you’ll find served everywhere from 5-star restaurants to Ouma and Gogo’s kitchens.  Today Miami Canners takes a closer look at the fascinating history of this delicious dish- [...]


Meatless Monday should be a fun day

Whether you're a full-time vegetarian or someone looking to bring a little extra pep into their step with a healthy Meatless Monday, the last thing you want is a boring dinner. Luckily, with Miami Canners on your side, there’s no such [...]