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5 tasty treats for the kids this holiday season

With the ‘silly season’ soon erupting into our lives, you’re probably already looking forward to spending a little extra time with the kids. Despite the magic of the season, however, it can be a little tough to know what to serve [...]


Lemon-Granadilla Pudding

The lemon-granadilla pudding that brings summer right to your dinner table Spring is in the air, summer fun is coming, and it feels like the whole world is in bloom. Isn’t it time you celebrated some of that joy on your [...]



The one FANTASTIC reason canned tomatoes (and other goodies) should be in everyone’s pantry Fresh is best! It’s a mantra that has been drilled into everyone’s head, and we rarely stop to think about it much. After all, it makes sense...right? [...]


The essentials for a lekker Heritage Day!

One of South Africa’s most enjoyable public holidays is just around the corner! Are you ready for it? With spring in the air, a day free from work on the cards and your family around you, what more could you want? [...]


Winter warmers, Spring sensations

2 Miami favourites that should be on the menu tonight Winter still has us in its icy grip, but we’re already seeing signs of spring in the air! With a hopeful turn to the season ahead, but a few more long [...]


Pickles and you

The perfect health combination! When you think of pickles, chances are you don’t picture them as a health food. You’re probably more focused on that crunchy, tangy flavour! We’re just starting to realise how very good for us fermented foods are, [...]