Miami’s Pickled Dill Products

Tantalise Your Taste Buds with Miami’s Pickled Dill Products A staple of the Miami Canner’s range since we first founded the company, our delicious pickled dill cucumbers are still iconic favourites, beloved by South Africans from all walks of life. [...]


The Journey of Every Can

From Farm to YOU - The Journey of Every Can A lot of love goes into your Miami Canner’s favourites, no matter what product from our extensive range is your personal best. We’re proud to offer an all-South African taste [...]


Find Your Perfect Braai Companion

Find Your Perfect Braai Companion with Miami Canners South Africa and a great braai with friends. Is there a more perfect combination? With a little help from your favourite Miami Canner’s braai products, a fabulous time with friends is only [...]


Miami Chakalaka: South Africa’s Favourite Condiment

It’s true- South African’s love the spicy tingle of a delicious condiment to pep up their favourite dishes. And there’s nothing that beats the tart piquancy and delicious taste of our home-grown best- Chakalaka! Whether you’re a fan of Miami Canner’s [...]


The Fascinating Role of Atchar in Africa

If you enjoy ethnic cuisine, you may already know that there’s a fierce battle between South Africans and Subcontinental Indians about the deliciousness of Atchar. While this powerful little condiment originated in India, Africans have made it their own and completely [...]


Pizza and Paste- the Perfect Combination!

Miami Canners is proud to have been the heart of the South African pantry for decades. Delivering healthy treats for happy family meals, and the perfect comfort food for cold nights and sore hearts, we love seeing people’s twists on classic [...]

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