Hearty Winter Stew with Boerie Relish

Hearty Winter Stew with a Boerie Kick (using Miami Canners Boerie Relish and Anything goes tomato mix) This flavourful stew is perfect for a chilly winter's night. Packed with vegetables, tender beef, and a delicious kick from Miami Boerie Relish, it's [...]


Succulent Lamb Shank For Winter Warmth

Brr…it’s cold out there! But with Miami Canner’s range of delicious treats in your pantry, winter’s just an excuse to try out all those hearty dishes that are a little too heavy for our hot summers. Today, our recipe expert brings [...]


Healthy Nachos

Healthy Nachos, Happy Family With MIAMI Who said eating healthily had to be boring? It’s time to ditch the chicken and rice, and excite your taste buds with a classic Mexicana treat, reworked for healthier eating. Coach Roxy, in partnership with [...]


Meat Free Monday

Make Meat Free Monday More Delicious Than Ever With Miami Are you ready for a hearty, delicious, and filling suppertime treat that’s packed with health and nutrition? Eat with Kgantso and Miami Canners has the perfect pick-me-up for a meat-free Monday [...]


Crispy, Cheesy Chicken Cones

The Treat Your Family Have Been Waiting For Are you looking to shake things up in the kitchen? Hoping for a kid-friendly treat that will delight the whole family? Then look no further- Jo of Pullups and Peanutbutter has created a [...]


New Year, New recipes: Delicious Miami treats

Are you in the mood for something new and delicious? Whether it’s something new to make the end of the festive season perfect, or a way to expand your 2022 recipe book, it’s time to get inspired. Here’s two favourite treats [...]


Tasty, Healthy Pizza the MIAMI Way

Here at MIAMI, we love helping you to happy, healthy meals that are packed with comfort and flavour. The quicker you’re in-and-out of the kitchen, the better! That’s why we’re thrilled to bring you this easy, 4-ingredient pizza to enjoy. Really, [...]


Granadilla: Your baking secret ingredient!

Granadilla is good for the body and soul. For many South Africans, it’s a delicious reminder of childhood treats. Maybe you were even the naughty little so-and-so who used to sneak MIAMI’s Granadilla Pulp out of your Aunty’s kitchen for a [...]

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