1 packet tennis biscuits
125ml melted margarine
2 packets Orley Whip
1 tin condensed milk
125ml fresh lemon juice
1 tin (125g) MIAMI Granadilla Pulp
250g smooth cottage cheese or cream cheese
1 envelope 10 g gelatine dissolved in 25 ml boiling water
1 packet granadilla jelly made with 200 boiling & 200 cold water (set aside)
In your food processor chop biscuits fine, (if don’t have one break fine in a clean groceries bag with a rolling pin) mix with melted margarine and place in a serving dish of 20 x 30 cm.  

Whip the Orley whip stiff and set aside.
Mix condensed milk & lemon juice.  Add cheese and mix well.
Add the cooled down gelatine mixture (it still needs to be runny before adding it to the condensed milk mixture, if gone hard microwave for a few seconds until runny again) while still beating.
Mix the whipped Orley Whip to the condensed milk mixture and pour over the biscuits.
Leave for an hour in fridge to set.
Spread the MIAMI Granadilla Pulp mixture evenly over top of cheese cake after it has set.
Now pour the soft pouring jelly (that has been set an hour before) gently over it and refrigerate overnight or at least for 3 hours before serving.