5 extra large egg whites
400ml castor sugar
15ml maizena
12ml white vinegar
2ml cream of tartar
Pinch of salt
2 packets tennis biscuits
250ml cream, whipped
1 tin caramel

1 tin MIAMI Granadilla  Pulp – heat with 50ml water and thicken with 8ml maizena, mix 50g icing sugar to it and cool down

½ cut strawberries & grapes (seedless)

To make the meringues, beat egg whites until stiff, add the sugar bit by bit and keep beating until glossy and shiny.
Fold in the rest of meringue ingredients and put aside.
Now pack the biscuits out on a baking tray, spread meringue mixture about 2cm thick over and bake overnight in oven on 100°C
Mix together ½ of the whipped cream & caramel, spread that over the baked meringue, pack the sliced fruits on top and finish off with the granadilla mixture.
Pour melted whole nut chocolate over it is an added decadence. Enjoy!