500ml olive oil
2kg onions (quartered)
7,5kg oxtail
2,5kg baby potatoes (skin on)
2 packets aromat
2 tins butter beans
1 bottle of lemon pepper
2 tins baked beans in tomato
4 tablespoon garlic
2 tablespoon mixed herbs
Half bottle Oloffbergh brandy
2 bottles  MIAMI Sweet Tomato Relish
2 packets oxtail soup
1 liter cream

Heat olive oil in pot over coals.  Brown oxtail in oil add; aromat, lemon pepper, garlic & all the brandy.
Place lid on pot and simmer for 1 ½ hours.  Stir pot every ½ hour.
If after 1 ½ hours meat is relatively soft add onions and cook them for a further 10 minutes with the lid on.
Add the baby potatoes, butterbeans, baked beans and mixed herbs.
Pour the 2 bottles MIAMI Sweet Tomato Relish over.
Keep the bottles and place the one packet of soup powder in each fill it up ¾ with water.
Shake until mixed and pour in pot.
Cook for a further 45 minutes till potatoes are soft.  Add cream and cook a furtherer 10 minutes.
Serve with samp / pap or rice.