Boerie relish

Perfect piquant pickles

Perfect piquant pickles like you’ve never had them before! Despite Miami Canner’s huge and delectable range, we know that many of you view our pickles as the pinnacle of our line. We couldn’t agree more! We’re proud to offer you succulent, [...]


Easy Weekend Dinners the whole family will love

It’s almost the weekend, baby! After a hectic week of deadlines, homework and household chores, it’s time to come together as a family, relax and enjoy some peace. We all want to make sure the family keeps eating healthily during our [...]


The essentials for a lekker Heritage Day!

One of South Africa’s most enjoyable public holidays is just around the corner! Are you ready for it? With spring in the air, a day free from work on the cards and your family around you, what more could you want? [...]

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