Crispy, Cheesy Chicken Cones

The Treat Your Family Have Been Waiting For Are you looking to shake things up in the kitchen? Hoping for a kid-friendly treat that will delight the whole family? Then look no further- Jo of Pullups and Peanutbutter has created a [...]


Tastiest lasagne

The easiest (and tastiest) lasagne you’ll ever make   Here at Miami Canners, we know that sometimes simple is better. Especially when it comes to healthy, tasty cooking! With busy lives around us, we don’t always think we have the time [...]


Boerie Relish

Spice up your chickpeas with this kitchen winner If you’ve even dabbled your toes in the waters of healthy eating, then you’re sure to have encountered the chickpea as a highly recommended addition to a healthy diet. Yet, if you’re unfamiliar [...]

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