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Miami Chakalaka: South Africa’s Favourite Condiment

It’s true- South African’s love the spicy tingle of a delicious condiment to pep up their favourite dishes. And there’s nothing that beats the tart piquancy and delicious taste of our home-grown best- Chakalaka! Whether you’re a fan of Miami Canner’s [...]


Winter Time, Tomato Time

With the weather crisp and chill outside, there’s no better time for a hearty family meal. And nothing brings warmth and taste to a dish like a delicious tomato-packed base. Whether it’s a South African classic like bobotie or tomato bredie, [...]


Succulent Lamb Shank For Winter Warmth

Brr…it’s cold out there! But with Miami Canner’s range of delicious treats in your pantry, winter’s just an excuse to try out all those hearty dishes that are a little too heavy for our hot summers. Today, our recipe expert brings [...]


Crispy, Cheesy Chicken Cones

The Treat Your Family Have Been Waiting For Are you looking to shake things up in the kitchen? Hoping for a kid-friendly treat that will delight the whole family? Then look no further- Jo of Pullups and Peanutbutter has created a [...]


Can to Table: The Miami Spirit

In our last blog, Miami Canners looked at the massive human innovation that was the discovery of canning and bottling techniques. We discovered that we could kill germs, and keep food safer, even before we knew what germs were! Even today, [...]


How Canning Came To Be So Important To Food

When we talk about canning today, we picture a neat aluminium can with a pretty label, waiting for us to enjoy it. Or maybe a jar of succulent goodies waiting to be opened. It’s tough to imagine how world-changing the advent [...]


Get in a Pickle This Christmas

Another long year is almost at a close. It may have been a rough ride, but at least there’s the joy of the festive season to look forward to. Food and the holiday season have gone hand in hand for millennia, [...]


The perfect pasta to celebrate life

Here at Miami Canners, we love pasta! What’s not to love, after all? It’s versatile, easy to make, and so cheap you can enjoy it at every sitting. While this culinary classic may have originated in Asia and been perfected by [...]


Why lamb needs to be on your table more often

While it’s getting a little warmer outside, the nights can still be chilly. What better way to warm up the whole family than with a traditional, hearty mince dish that will have them begging for seconds? This tasty treat comes straight [...]

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