South African

Africa and Atchar- a Heavenly Match

Atchar is a staple of South African cuisine but say the word overseas and many people will stare at you in puzzlement. Did you know it’s a proudly South African invention? Today MIAMI takes a look at the fascinating origins of [...]


Winter warmers, Spring sensations

2 Miami favourites that should be on the menu tonight Winter still has us in its icy grip, but we’re already seeing signs of spring in the air! With a hopeful turn to the season ahead, but a few more long [...]


Flavoursome Chakalaka

3 scintillating new ways to try flavoursome Chakalaka Who doesn’t love Chakalaka? This flavoursome South African favourite is a spicy relish, redolent in veggies, onions, garlic and spices. A staple favourite of ‘township cuisine’, it’s part of what unites us as [...]


Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers with Miami Canners Don’t let the winter blues get in the way of a good meal! Try these 2 simple winter weeknight meals with a South African twist. We can’t promise the weather will be great, but with Miami [...]

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